The blue sea, the golden sandy beaches of Paralia Katerini, the unique natural beauties that lead to the fabulous Mt. Olympus and Pieria, the entertainment, the amusement, the Greek kitchen, the many Hotels in Paralia with modern infrastructures, the athletic installations, the cultural events, the traditional settlements, the archaeological sites and the monuments will give you unforgettable moments of vacations in the Paralia Pieria. The Greek hospitality stamps unique the dreamed landscape.

Exploring Olympus Riviera

Mt. Olympus


Visit the mythical Olympus. Mountaineering Associations have carefully organized routes and special, hospitable refuges. The roads and paths crossing the mountain nonetheless allow visitors who do not have a special interest in mountaineering or special knowledge to become acquainted with the mountain, its diverse flora and fauna and its natural beauty up close.



Pieria is remarkably dotted with significant archaeological sites. The famed Dion, the prehistoric settlement at Makrigialos, ancient and Byzantine Pydna, the nearby Louloudies site, ancient Livithra are the best-known archaeological sites open to the public.



Traditional villages  across Mt Olympus and the Pieria Mts are easily accessible. You will be rewarded with the exceptional natural landscape. Surrounded by impressive forests, stand out for their interesting Macedonian architecture, where stone is the main building material, and managed to keep alive the traditional life.



Pieria has a rich collection of churches or monasteries, the most important  belong to the Byzantine or post-Byzantine period. Most of them are to be found in southern Pieria in mountainous locations because it was safer in times of pirate raids and invasions.


Paralia Katerini, Olympus Riviera

The waterfalls in Pozar, a large swimming pool with thermal water springs from the bowels of the earth, ancient Pozar to specific areas is indeed a miracle of nature. You will also find a number of new private Pozar which can be isolated to one or more hours to enjoy with your friends.


It’s more than certain that you will find shopping in the city center of Thessaloniki extremely convenient. All you’ll have to do is go inside and wander around the “square” that is formed from four major streets: Egnatia st., Ethnikis Amynis st., Nikis Av. and Venizelou st.

How to reach us

Access Paralia by Car



From Italy
by Ferry


Access Paralia by Plane

Thessaloniki Airport | Information

Information desk

The airport’s information desk is located on the ground floor near the international arrivals area.
+30 2310 – 473212

Airport parking

East & West car parks offer 1470 parking spaces, 28 parking spaces for the disabled.
For further information please call +30 2310 – 985341


Bus nr 78 to Thessaloniki runs every 45 minutes. Single fare: €0,60. Duration: 45 minutes to Macedonia Bus station.
Taxi fare from the airport to Paralia is approximately 80 – 90 euro.
Radiotaxi: +30 2310 – 550500, 214900, 546522, 551525, 866866, 525000


Access Paralia by Bus

From Thessaloniki

Every 30min Bus (KTEL) to Katerini
Departures from 6:30 to 22:30.
Single fare: €6,30 duration 50min.

From Katerini every 10min Bus (Local) to Paralia, from 6:30 to 22:30.
Single fare: €1,00, duration 15min.

Thessaloniki Bus Station (KTEL): +30 2310 595 428
Katerini Bus Station (KTEL) +30 23510 46720
Katerini Bus Station (Local) +30 23510

From Athens

Every day  Bus (KTEL) to Katerini, single fare: €7 duration 5hours.
Departures 9:45, 15:00 and 22:00. On Fridays extra bus at 17:00
Single fare: 30€

From Katerini every 10min Bus (Local) to Paralia, from 6:30 to 22:30.
Single fare: €1,00, duration 15min.

Athens Bus Station (KTEL) +30 210831 7059
Katerini Bus Station (KTEL) +30 23510 46720
Katerini Bus Station (Local) +30 23510

Access Paralia by Train

From Thessaloniki

OSE Station
28, Monastiriou str, Thessaloniki

Train Schedule & Tickets

From Athens

“Larissis” Station
46, Deligiani str, Athens

Telephone for train information: 14511