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The ATLAS HOTEL is located in the heart of in Paralia Katerini in Olympus Riviera. Just 50 meters from the sea. It has 22 comfortable rooms. All fully equipped and promises you a pleasant stay in you home environment. Here our main concern is the friendliness, cleanliness and service for your own pleasure.

In Greek mythology, in Hesiod, Atlas was the son of Iapetus and Oceanid Clemene.  In Titanomachia was chief of Titanides even the strongest and most skillful. But after his defeat by Zeuspunished to bear forever on the shoulders of the celestial dome. Because the “divine punishment” that he endured with admirable and exemplary perseverance was named Atlas . For this reason he was standing by Atlas on the summit of the African great conditions, with both mountain and sea named Atlas and Atlantic respectively.

The blue sea, the golden sandy beaches of Paralia Katerini, the unique natural beauties that lead to the fabulous Mt. Olympus and Pieria, the entertainment, the amusement, the Greek kitchen, the many Hotels in Paralia with modern infrastructures, the athletic installations, the cultural events, the traditional settlements, the archaeological sites and the monuments will give you unforgettable moments of vacations in the Paralia Pieria. The Greek hospitality stamps unique the dreamed landscape.