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Paralia Katerini

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Welcome to Atlas Hotel, your perfect retreat in the heart of Paralia Katerini on the beautiful Olympus Riviera. Our prime location, just 50 meters from the sparkling Aegean Sea, makes us an ideal choice for both relaxation and exploration.

At Atlas Hotel, we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional service, cleanliness, and a welcoming atmosphere. Our dedicated staff is always on hand to assist you, ensuring your stay is worry-free and enjoyable. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and a friendly smile.

In Greek mythology, in Hesiod, Atlas was the son of Iapetus and Oceanid Clemene. In Titanomachia was chief of Titanides even the strongest and most skillful. But after his defeat by Zeuspunished to bear forever on the shoulders of the celestial dome. Because the “divine punishment” that he endured with admirable and exemplary perseverance was named Atlas . For this reason he was standing by Atlas on the summit of the African great conditions, with both mountain and sea named Atlas and Atlantic respectively.

Our hotel boasts 22 comfortable and fully equipped rooms, designed to provide a serene and homely environment for all our guests. Each room features modern amenities to ensure your stay is as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re here for a short getaway or a longer vacation, we promise you a pleasant and restful experience.

Room with with two single beds or one double bed, ideal for friends and couples, overlooking the street or the garden.

Room with with one single bed and one double bed or three single beds, ideal for friends and families, overlooking the street or the garden.

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Olympus Riviera

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